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Jan Hruška   Jan

*  29. 5. 1918
+ 11. 6. 2004

The painter Jan Hruška was born in Lysice, a small picturesque town north of Brno. In his youth he developed a close relationship with nature and beauty. Every person has hidden talents, and under certain circumstances his creativity and mastery can be fully revealed. When the artist lost a part of his garden, which had to give way to construction, it stimulated him to do something. He thought that every person should have a hobby. He took up painting and began to use the palette, paint and brush. The beginning of his career as a painter dates back to 1965.
Naturally, the first attempts to ‘paint’ were not so impressive. In fact, everything one strives to create is the road to search and discovery. The director of the Gallery of Naive Art in Trebnje, Slovenia, said about him: “Jan Hruška was not born with the palette, paint and brush in his hands as some painters maintain”. A long path spanning 40 years led to his final understanding of the world, to his capturing emotions, moods, sensations, memories. He employed an interesting technique, using a syringe and a needle. The gradual application of colour resembles weaving or embroidering tiny miniatures or monuments. After long hours and days, an interesting, unique work of art is created with soft colours that can disturb one’s mind, and control strong emotions.

There were turning points in his life and work as well:

1968 - First participation in the exhibition at Brno Arts Centre (Czechoslovakia)
1969 - First exhibition abroad, Padua (Italy), followed by other solo and joint exhibitions at home and abroad
1979 - Documentary film was made about the naive painter Jan Hruška, STV, Bratislava (Czechoslovakia)
1980 - First personal participation in a solo exhibition abroad, Morges (Switzerland)
1981 - First personal participation in the international meeting of naive painters, Trebnje (Slovenia)
1984 - "Pictures Applauded by the Whole World", CTV Brno (Czechoslovakia)
1991 - Large solo exhibition, Caracas (Venezuela)
  - Support for Engast, a charitable foundation for children suffering from cancer.
1997 - Foundation of the Jan Hruška Gallery, Brno–Řečkovice Town Hall, Czech Republic
2003 - Received the Gold Medal of Merit, Brno–Řečkovice, Czech Republic

  "Hruška’s understanding of the world has drawn a wide spectrum of visitors to his solo or joint exhibitions. He strove to capture recollections of his youth – haymaking, harvest, rainbow by the mill, the burning of witches, experiences from meetings, visits to various countries, encounters with Indians on the River Ventauri in the Amazonian region, Italian impressions from lagoons or Croatian bays. He preserved a distinctive style whether he has been classified under Sunday painters of the pureheart, autodidacts or naive painters, no matter how we try to designate it. His subjects captured life in the Czech and Moravian cities, towns and villages, and the ordinary magic life he himself lived till the very last day."  
  Ladislav Pukl     

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